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Printers – Scum of the Earth

26 Mar

I hate printers! Despise the buggers. Within the last week alone I’ve had issues with more than one of the bloody things. First off, trying to use the library printers to print something in colour, first it was in colour, but double sided( which isn’t aloud when handing work in) then it was black and white not double sided, then black and white double sided and finally I managed to get it right. Cost me a bomb in printer credit, and considering I’m low on money that was shitter.  And just today I tired printing off a job application and my CV and my own printers buggered. It keeps shouting at me that there’s a cartridge jam. There isn’t!

It seems like this post is going to be a bit of a rant post. Well a lot of a rant post really.

  • I can’t find my holdall to pack my stuff (I’m heading home at the end of the week.)
  • I’m short on boxes to use because I can’t find my hold all.
  • I need to get an essay done in the next two days, or at least the majority of it and all of the library work, and my work ethic at the moment is less than zilch.
  • I need to use the bloody printers again. Stupid bloody things.
  • Hypocrites all around at the moment too.
  • And selfishness, can’t stand it.
  • I’m going to have to spend my last couple of quid on printer credits because of that faff with the printers the other day.
  • And finally last night I whacked my leg on the heater and have a massive bruise.


I’m right in the mood for a row. A right slinging match!

I’m going to go calm down now.



I’ve got a confession to make…

9 Feb

Chopstick here!

I feel complete and utter guilt. There are no excuses. I got quite ill at the beginning of the week, and all of a sudden, salads and healthy foods were exchanged for sweets and fizzy pop. I want to drown myself, I feel so bad about it. However – NO MORE.

I refuse it! I was looking at photographs of myself this morning with Chunks, and I noticed that I was excessively slimmer a few years ago in comparison to what I am now. I’m not happy about that fact. So, I’ve decided that I’m going to do the following two things:

  1. I’m going to do a crash diet experiment. See the article I’m mentioning here: http://www.cosmopolitan.com/advice/health/drop-5-pounds-in-a-week-0509-4. I’m going to follow this regime for one week in two weeks’ time. Why in two weeks, I hear you ask? Because I’m going to need to next two weeks to re-acclimatise to my diet. Pretty tragic.
  2. I’m going to force myself to count ALL my calories. It’s the most depressing thing in the world, but I drink sugary stuff way more than I eat bad foods and you don’t notice how much it really contains, calorie-wise. Not only will I stop that, I’ll track that.

NO MORE GUILTY SHAME. Those 3 pounds I lost have come back again.

Depressed. Cs. x

The cycle of DOOM

26 Jan

Both Chopstick and myself have been on a bit of an organisational rampage today. Trying to write a list so that we can plan the rest of our lives, turns out we both want to be somewhere in the education system for the rest of our lives. We’ll know nothing else! Oh woe is us. We are both looking at a PGCE (Postgraduate Certificate in Education) which means we’ll need to be living away from home again, which in turn means we’ll need money. Apparently Student Finance will fund some of it. But I’m going to need a job (Chopstick has one at the moment, lucky cow.) and it’s not looking good.

 I’m stuck in that circle of not having had a job before, so I don’t have any references because I need a job in order to get references.  As I write this I’ve been talking to another friend who is in the same situation as me.  Here’s a direct quote from her, so it’s not just me who thinks this.

“‘experience preferred but not necessary’


the reason why I didn’t get the job?

‘not enough experience'”

I think there needs to be something in High School where kids can get experience for things like this. But then it’ll probably all even out again meaning the experience wont count.

Now because my old College doesn’t have an e-mail address I can’t fill in a form for a job I’d really quite like, because they specifically ask for an e-mail address. I have to wait until Monday (at the earliest, I should think) for them to get back to me.

I hope the job’s still going.



Hashtag Blue Pintglass

24 Jan

I suppose all names have to come from somewhere. And I reckon that the first person called, say, Peter, would have thought his name was pretty stupid. But personally I think things have gone too far.

 The most recent ridiculous name for a child that I can think of is Hashtag. And if Hashtag was an actual name, I’d assume it was a male name, but nope. Hashtag is a baby girl. Naming her that has just paved the way for bullies, with the way that twitter is heading, it’s not going to die out for a few years, so the child will eventually know that she was named after a symbol on a keyboard and used on a mini-blogging website. Good luck with that one is all I can say.

The next name Blue, the spawn of Beyonce and Jay-Z. Blue is a colour, not a name, I mean nouns can be names, there’s Gregory House (You must have heard of him, he’s played Hugh Laurie!) but that’s a Surname, it works. Blue as a forename doesn’t. Plus it also means sad. You don’t want to set that kid up for failure surely.

I’ve also read about people naming their children things that can be translated to mean unwanted just because they wanted a boy, and instead had a girl. The kid would nearly definitely grow up to resent their parents for that one, and in my opinion shouldn’t have been allowed to keep/name the child if that’s the foot they’re starting on.

Like I’ve said popular names change over time, but it seems ridiculous to me what people are named after at the moment, some poor sprog’s going to get lumbered with something like Pintglass ,if they haven’t already that is.


Politics and Guns, hand in hand?

19 Jan

Personally, I don’t know all that much about English politics, I know the basics, but not much in detail. I know even less about Bulgarian politics, but having seen a story about an assassination attempt during a conference, in the paper this morning I thought I’d have a quick scout around. From what I can work out, Ahmed Dogan, the guy who due to extreme luck isn’t dead yet, is leader of a liberal opposition party, Movement for Rights and Freedoms (DPS), who look out for the interests of the few Turks in Bulgaria. Now, nobody really expects to be assassinated whilst at work, and nor should anybody have to, this man was damn lucky.

During his speech, a 25 year old man, armed with a gun, (and it was later found out he was armed with two knives also) rushed the stage and pulled the trigger. It misfired. See why I said he was lucky. Before he could shoot again, Dogan managed to push the shooters hands away, had a tussle with the man until others flooded the stage to help.

But all that isn’t really what I wanted to talk about. I want to talk about what happened when those people rushed the stage, someone caught it on video, have a look first and see if you see anything wrong.

Yes, the man could have very nearly been a murderer, but once he was thrown on the floor, he seemed to be pretty secure, he wasn’t getting up in a hurry, but others were still rushing forward to try and get a swift kick, the security (I assume they’re security) were then having to deal with, not only the would be assassin, but others. That to me, just seems to make their job, that bit harder.  I don’t think it would be so bad if they were trying to help subdue the man in some reasonable way, but they just wanted to kick the shit out of him. If anything they were a hindrance.

People confuse me sometimes.