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Printers – Scum of the Earth

26 Mar

I hate printers! Despise the buggers. Within the last week alone I’ve had issues with more than one of the bloody things. First off, trying to use the library printers to print something in colour, first it was in colour, but double sided( which isn’t aloud when handing work in) then it was black and white not double sided, then black and white double sided and finally I managed to get it right. Cost me a bomb in printer credit, and considering I’m low on money that was shitter.  And just today I tired printing off a job application and my CV and my own printers buggered. It keeps shouting at me that there’s a cartridge jam. There isn’t!

It seems like this post is going to be a bit of a rant post. Well a lot of a rant post really.

  • I can’t find my holdall to pack my stuff (I’m heading home at the end of the week.)
  • I’m short on boxes to use because I can’t find my hold all.
  • I need to get an essay done in the next two days, or at least the majority of it and all of the library work, and my work ethic at the moment is less than zilch.
  • I need to use the bloody printers again. Stupid bloody things.
  • Hypocrites all around at the moment too.
  • And selfishness, can’t stand it.
  • I’m going to have to spend my last couple of quid on printer credits because of that faff with the printers the other day.
  • And finally last night I whacked my leg on the heater and have a massive bruise.


I’m right in the mood for a row. A right slinging match!

I’m going to go calm down now.



Live in Pride with our Survival Guide – Part 4: Getting your shit done

19 Mar

Good start on the ‘blogging on certain days of the week’ thing. I’d totally forgot that I’d been nominated for Tuesdays and I don’t have anything prepared. So going off the survival guide theme we’ve had in the past few weeks and as deadline time is fast approaching I’ll write a continuation.

How to get through deadline time

1. Don’t leave it until the last minute – You’d think that this was an obvious one, but a fair portion of the people I know do just that. (*Cough cough* Benson There’s a deadline for our creative portfolio module on Friday and Chopstick is currently sat in the library coaching him through getting it done.) You need to get the work done as soon as possible, or at least the bulk of the prep work and plans. It just makes it so much easier when you come to write it.

2. Decide on a topic or question and stick with it – Don’t go changing your question half way through, or even worse just before the deadline, again I know people who have done this and then they panic when they’re still writing an hour before deadline cut off and then are rushing to get to the office to get in it.

3. Actually go to the lectures/seminars – They help. Not only do you get straight up information from the lectures, in seminars you get discussion from not only the teacher, but the other students too. These discussions are really good for getting different interpretations and totally new points you’ve not thought of and that you can discuss in the essay, giving you much more scope.

4. Find a place where you can actually work – Some people work better at home, others outside, and some work better in the library. Personally I work better in the library, less distractions. The xbox isn’t there for a start, there’s no TV, you can watch Youtube and what have you in ours I suppose, but still there are less distractions.

5. Use resources – There’ll be a library at the university. Use it. Our university – if not all – have online resources too, which means you can access journals and whatnot at home. if you’re one of those who works better in comfort. Online recourse’s are particularly good as you have the CTRL+F function where you can search for a certain word without having to faff wading through everything. Plus, take a look at this infographic on how to use google search effectively.

So, that’s my contribution for this week.

Good luck to all those suffering with Deadlines at the moment too.



As I type…

24 Feb

I’m writing this as a form of procrastination. I have the document open which I am meant to be working on, my proposal for the Year Three dissertation. I worked on this for around eight hours yesterday, three in the library and another four or so on and off once I’d got home. It even got to the point where I wanted to work on it more, but I was tired and likely to bollocks it up. I quit whilst I was ahead. So here I am, sat in the library waiting for Chopstick to arrive ( And bring munch by the way..) and putting off the proposal that is due this coming Friday.

This is me right now. Rights to: guardian.co.uk

Another thing, I’m not all that sure what needs to go into the methodology and what have you, we have a lecture of dissertations, but they didn’t really cover the form all that well so I’m going in blind here and pretty much just writing a big plan. We also have to have some secondary sources to write down too, now considering I’ve not read the books I want to write about recently this is doubly heard.

Side note: My iPod’s just died too. Lovely.

Oh here, have this too. Procrastination FTW.

Long time no speak

9 Feb

We haven’t updated in a while, (well, over a week) so thought I’d let you know why. It comes down to the amount of things we need to get organised at the moment. Not only the amount of work but other little bits and bobs for third year.

As I type I am sat in the library, with work surrounding me and multiple word documents open. I’m prepared to do the work and actually have everything with me this week. But I’m picking instead of focussing on one thing and getting that out of the way I am trying to do bits of each thing. My original plan was to come and get a good chuck of my creative writing portfolio done. What have I done so far you may ask? Took the lid off my pen and moved onto looking at my options form for next year.

It’s not a complicated form, just a case of choosing and numbering 4 modules and 2 back ups, and I know what I want to do, but have just been staring at it for a while. After a good 10 minutes of that I moved onto looking at the Dissertation proposal form.  This form is a lot more daunting I need to have a working title, brief methodology, sources i’ve looked at and the tutor I’m to have a meeting with. I don’t have a clue really what I want to do with that, and the deadline is looming – this one is panicking me the most I think, if I pick the wrong subject I’ve got to pretty much stick with it all year.

Then there’s American Lit where I need to also do another project, think of my own question and texts, not even looked at this one. Dislocations, I need to choose books and apply theories and prepare for an interview about it, plus write an essay. In theory wars I need to make revision notes for a two hour exam at the end of the year.  All in the next few months.

Wish us luck


Dissertation deliberation

5 Jan

I’m panicking. I’m not a third year yet, but already I’m getting worried about my dissertation. Which as we haven’t really had a talk about it, I’m am not 100% on what needs to be done. Seems stupid, but there you go. I don’t have a clue on what I am going to do. I have taken a Creative Writing module in order for me to have an opening to do a creative dissertation, which gives me another option. Writing a creative dissertation, at first glance, strikes me as the easier option. But when I’m writing something which needs a plot I find it difficult to think of a decent ending. I have the beginnings and middles sorted out with relative ease, but the endings just eludes me.

Looks like i'll be in the idea bank for a while. Copyright: weheartit.com/elenaandlua

Looks like i’ll be in the idea bank for a while. Copyright: weheartit.com/elenaandlua

And what if I choose to do a more academic topic for my dissertation? Well I just don’t know what I could look at, I like writing about Gender roles and the like, so that’s a possibility, but it’s such a broad topic and I’d like to at least try and come to a decision which is at least somewhat unique.  I know we don’t really have to think about it for a while but I like to get a head start on things, so I don’t waste time when I actually have to write the blasted thing.  Once I’ve finished reading all of the necessary reading for this semester (About 5 books to go) I’m going to have a look for ideas.

Not  a very interesting update really, but it needs to be sorted at some point, and I’m, sure there are others out there who are in the same position as me. I like to have a plan set up as soon as possible to make sure that I don’t get lost nearer the due date. Let me know if you’re in the same boat as me!