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If I got any busier, I’d be the M1 at rush hour.

21 Mar

Chopstick here!

Honest to God, if I do any more stuff, I’m at risk of expiring. Let me give you a run-down of why there’s a frown in Becki Town:

  • The Lincoln Award – Chunks and I recently signed up to do the LA, an award which asks students to do 40+ hours of volunteering or part-time work, as well as joining workshops and undertaking training (like St. John’s Ambulance or sign-language lessons, both of which we’re interested in). That, straight away, asks us to do a lot of extra work on top of our university stuff.
  • Deadlines – I’ve got a few bits of work coming up, so I’m in the process of writing essays at the minute. They’re all fairly inaccessible  based on specialist reporting in the media and on the dislocations of society in literature. Hmm.
  • Library – (see above reasons) I’ve spent around 50-70 hours in the library this semester. Frankly, that is an unnecessary amount of bookishness.
  • Training – Because I’m looking into doing a PGCE (Post-Graduate Certificate of Education) following the completion of my second year, I’ve been doing quite a lot of extra stuff in order to make me look like a more rounded individual. This includes some extra training for:
  1. My current job with Clear Links. I work as a transcription facilitator (or note-taker, for the uninitiated) with people with disabilities, and I recently attended a training session to see whether  I have the capacity to be an examination facilitator – I essentially take notes in lectures!
  2. My new volunteering position. I recently applied to Urban Times for an editor position, ad was given a phone interview the other day on how to write for the site. One of my articles has since been published and even made it to the front page. For a read about press freedom, click here.
This is me at the minute... Full of traffic. (source: Highways Agency / Flickr)

This is me at the minute… Full of traffic. (source: Highways Agency / Flickr)

There’s seems to be little and less time in the day for relaxing, but the fact I can write a blog today suggests that things are beginning to slow up which is particularly good news. Hopefully, I’ll come to you next Thursday with a more interesting, less listy blog for you to read.


Take care, CS. x



20 Feb

Chopstick here!

I’m full of good intentions. I intend to lose weight, I intend to be on top of my work, I intend to be a wonderful girlfriend and an excellent mate. All of these things seem to have gone to pot in the course of the last few weeks.

  1. I feel really shitty about my appearance at the minute. My hair looks like crap (frizzy as  anything because I bleached my hair to a crisp a little while ago), my skin’s in an awful condition (because I’m smoking too much and living off sugar) and my weight is, shall we say, too much for my liking. Overall, I feel rubbish. As a result, my diet’s gone completely to pot, because I’m starting to eat just for the sake of it. This, as a response, makes me feel bad about myself, which in turn, leads to…
  2. The progressive decline of my working standards. I’m not sure why, but for some reason both Chunks and I have hit a very large, very academically-retentive wall. The motivation for work has died away all my coursework is essentially complete up to this point (meaning that I can’t be bothered to do anything else). I wanted to volunteer for Siren but my part-time job keeps interfering and I need the money. It’s an absolute nightmare.
  3. I don’t need to tell you that I’ve been a rubbish girl/friend recently, because I haven’t been. But still, the above two are dragging me down.

I was hoping writing this list-esque blog post would motivate me to do something (as lists often do), but instead, it’s left me wanting to curl up on the sofa and eat lots of biscuits. Any suggestions for how to get out of this funk?

Take care, CS. x

The cycle of DOOM

26 Jan

Both Chopstick and myself have been on a bit of an organisational rampage today. Trying to write a list so that we can plan the rest of our lives, turns out we both want to be somewhere in the education system for the rest of our lives. We’ll know nothing else! Oh woe is us. We are both looking at a PGCE (Postgraduate Certificate in Education) which means we’ll need to be living away from home again, which in turn means we’ll need money. Apparently Student Finance will fund some of it. But I’m going to need a job (Chopstick has one at the moment, lucky cow.) and it’s not looking good.

 I’m stuck in that circle of not having had a job before, so I don’t have any references because I need a job in order to get references.  As I write this I’ve been talking to another friend who is in the same situation as me.  Here’s a direct quote from her, so it’s not just me who thinks this.

“‘experience preferred but not necessary’


the reason why I didn’t get the job?

‘not enough experience'”

I think there needs to be something in High School where kids can get experience for things like this. But then it’ll probably all even out again meaning the experience wont count.

Now because my old College doesn’t have an e-mail address I can’t fill in a form for a job I’d really quite like, because they specifically ask for an e-mail address. I have to wait until Monday (at the earliest, I should think) for them to get back to me.

I hope the job’s still going.



Rich? Me? Yeah right!

7 Jan

Well shit. My loan has just come through and once rent is paid off I will only have around £240 left to see me until the next loan payment in April. I am really going to have to scrimp this semester. I’ve come up with a few vague ideas for this, whilst trying to ignore my blind panic.

  1. Get a sodding job! I’m working on this one, I think previously I’ve been to picky, so it’s my own fault. I have heard of a job caring for disabled children which I’d quite like to do, but I’m going to have to apply for anything else that’s going. With little to no job experience this is going to be hard.
  2. Aim for a cheaper shopping list. I’m going to have to buy all own brands, which I don’t really mind to be honest, and I’m not really going to be able to treat myself to the odd expensive item any more. Plus I was thinking of going back to being vegetarian (I was for three years at one point) which will cut costs quite dramatically as I won’t be shelling out for meat. Plus if I could probably find cheap vegetables at the market.
  3. Shop from Approved Foods is possible. This is a great site for cheap food. There is nothing fresh on there, so I can’t be buying vegetables, but dried foods are excellent. The food may be after its sell-by date, but with most things on here, it matters very little. Energy drinks are really cheap on here too, so that’ll be good when exams come around.
  4. Have a look for other student hints and tricks. The one I have on tap at the minute is Student Money Tips which usually has deals on both food and other odds and ends. Very useful.
  5. Get an overdraft. I’ve managed so far without an overdraft and I’d really like to keep it that way, I don’t want to get into the habit of using an overdraft. Apart from the student loan, I don’t like spending what I don’t have. But at the moment it seems necessary.

Good luck to me huh?


First things first

3 Jan

Chunks here!

First off, beware of my awkward sentence structure. I’m sure I have the sentence version of dyslexia.

If you’ve read the “About Us” section of this blog, you’ll know that we each have some specific topics that we want to talk about throughout.  This first post is just a slightly more elaborate re-cap, you know, discussing the why’s and wherefores.

Right so firstly University. To be honest I think there are probably hundreds if not thousands of blogs out there just dedicated to University and how to “survive”. And if truth be told, this part will probably include some of that stuff too, but mostly my version is, hopefully, going to be more like a recount of my thoughts and opinions throughout my last year and a bit more than half of University.  With a bit of luck, this blog may even get a few followers who could even give me (/us) some advice too. As i know one of the big worries for me at the moment is dissertation ideas, outside help would be mega appreciated when I come to think about it properly.

Number two, Item B, Numero Dos, Job hunting, I’ve never had a job in my life, and apparently in order to get a job you need to have had experience, which i obviously lack. So I will be updating semi-regularly about job applications, CV’s, my slight anxiety, and if I, fingers crossed, actually get a darn job.

TRES! The cliché to end all clichés, new year health kick. I’m overweight, i know it, so now I’ve decided to get of my arse and actually do something about it. Mainly trying to find some kind of exercise i can actually be bothered to do and enjoy without going to the gym, and eating more healthily. So any tips or tricks I pick up, I’ll whack on here too.

Five, no, wait, Four. Links into to number two nicely, whilst I’m trying to keep all the actually University worries at bay, i have this little bugger to contend with. AT THE SAME TIME.  Some decisions I make whilst at University will directly affect this too, so i have to get that one under control.

Okay, actually number  Five.  Rants, these are likely to happen when things all get on top of me and i just need to let off some stress. BEWARE.

So, yup, that’s pretty much it really. Wish me luck.