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First off, I think I should explain at least my part in that smashing blog title. I’m ‘Chunks’ in this dastardly duo. So called because I’m… Well, I’m chunky and hurl ‘chunks’ at pretty much anything squeamish – hence the nom de plume. Flattering, isn’t it? Currently, I’m twenty years old, living in the North of England. I’m at university and I’m studying English Literature. At the moment, I have purple hair, but if the last few months have been any marker, it’s liable to change sooner or later.

Right, you may be asking “why the blog?” Well, we decided to get this blog up and running after discussing how little we have planned for the future and how we need to get more organised, I’m not sure that so far the blog has worked that way (Ed. 10/03/2013) if anything  it’s given us more things to actually organise and do. But we’ve kept this thing going for 3 months at the moment, so we shall persevere. Anyway hope you enjoy what we do have!




Chunks is actually a midget dwarf.

Chunks is actually a midget dwarf.


As you may have noticed from Chunks’ name explanation, our nicknames aren’t particularly PC. My name is ‘Chopstick’ – not Chopsticks – because I’m half-Chinese and therefore, am only permitted half of my standard cutlery. Ever tried to eat with just one chopstick? You just stab and stab at food and, well… Yeah. Anyway, I’m also twenty (12 days older than Robyn!) from East Anglia, studying English and Journalism at university. As for hair details, I’m trying desperately to grow out a whack-job mullet that is keeping me firmly planted in the ‘Billy Ray Cyrus’ category. I also dye my hair too often to count.

To expand on our reasons for blogging: we spend so much time on the Internet that it’s an appropriate – and somewhat more productive – pastime. I figured I should start compiling what I’ve discovered, and hope that one day, it might assist someone else who’s getting narked with Google searches. I also like writing lists, so here’s mine! I intend to:

  1. Give all of the tips – hopefully, they don’t sound absolutely ridiculous or long-winded or complex. I’m fed up with faffing.
  2. If I don’t leave university with a First, I’m going to have a complex. I’m going to complain about essays.
  3. Confuse myself with endless posts about what I should do with the rest of my life.

Take care. CS. x


2 Responses to “About Us”

  1. Project Southsea January 17, 2013 at 8:07 pm #

    I do love a good rant.

    Well, actually I love hearing other peoples.

    I look forward to reading yours.

    • ChopstickChunks January 19, 2013 at 10:36 pm #

      Thanks for the heads up that someone will actually be reading these things 🙂
      Hope you enjoy.

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