May be bear baiting, but it’s dammed good TV

9 Mar

I’m going to admit to something rather shameful. I love The Jeremy Kyle Show. There I said it.

Although I dislike the man himself. He’s been in the news a couple of times once for ‘human bear baiting’ after one of his ‘guest’s’ headbutted another whilst on stage. The video’s not brilliant.

And recently he’s been in the papers again for the same thing, him and the production team anyway. It’s alleged that they goaded one of the guests into punching another and then tried to persuade him to not go to the police because his main concern should be his kids.  Although though all this goes on, it makes pretty good television.

It may be because I enjoy schadenfreude, I’m not sure, but it’s brilliant for when you want to watch something and not need to think all that much. An Kyle creates this brilliantly. Yeah, I think he’s an arse hole, but that’s what makes a decent program, and it sells.  It’s not just kyle which keeps bringing me back it’s some of the guests. I really don’t know where they find them. I don’t understand why people would want to actually go on the show in the first place and let everybody know their business, I certainly wouldn’t. Maybe it’s the lure of a free hotel room and a lie detector or DNA test, and hey, why not both. To me though it still wouldn’t be worth it. AND! if they do decide to come on the show, some look like they’ve literally just walked in off the streets. It’s one of the bigger questions I have that why don’t they have a bloody bath?! Or on the other hand they go way too over the top I mean just look.

Oh and that guy, bottom left, is one of my particular favorites. “Mad Dog Deon” was brought on the show by his girlfriend with the tag line for that episode being “How Could My Boyfriend Destroy His Own Face?” Not only is it a horrific tattoo in general, he came home with it and surprised his girlfriend with it and scared his kid shitless. Classy guy isn’t he.

But yep. I’m going to get back to watching some more Kyle before I attempt some more work. Fun times.

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