It’s not that we’re bored with blogging

4 Mar

Considering I had intended to be in the library for a good portion of the day (due to one of my module’s lectures being over for the semester and not having anything else to do on Mondays now) hanging out with a new friend and then ending up in the pub for a couple of pints was a very nice change to my schedule.

She then ended up coming back to mine, playing some xbox and watching Here comes Honey Boo Boo  (Which, by the way, is amazing, it’s on Youtube, look it up, plus I’ll probably end up doing a full post about this at some point, so watch out for that one too.)

A little bit of Go-Go juice…..

Chopstick brought up the topic of podcasts, and how we could make one where we’d chat complete and utter shit, so that our minions could enjoy it when we’re not there. We’ve had a couple of conversations about podcasts in the past  (due to Mr. Chopstick running one. Which, if you’re interested in gaming and geekery you should have a listen too, it’s rather good. Check out The Weekly Geekly Podcast here.)

But anyway, then we started to chat about maybe creating a YouTube vlog thing-a-majig to compliment the blog, we have a few ideas – Uni life, Rants, basic vlogs and the like. We’re not 100% yet, but it could be in the pipeline for the future…


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