Guest Post: Introducing… TITS MCGEE

3 Mar

When Chopstick and Chunks ask you to do a guest post on their blog, you obviously say yes. There’s no question about it – any other answer would be insane. What you shouldn’t then do is leave it for over a month before you actually start writing it. I tell you, I have been stalked, threatened and held at chopstick point until this moment – because I am finally typing – even if I suspect one of the deadly duo are hanging around here somewhere, weapons at the ready.

So the only question is – what to talk about? I’ve been reading back through all the posts so far and I realise it’s pretty difficult to follow something these guys have said because they’re either hilarious or helpful and I am neither of these things (unless you have some sort of problem you need to discuss).

Maybe I should get them to put up one of those sections where you write in and some weird aged man writes back pretending to be your ‘Aunty Jim’. For those of you who are Dawn French fans, yes, that was a reference to Vicar of Dibley. I miss that show. I particularly miss when she got married to the GORGEOUS Richard Armitage. NOM. So this entire section is turning in to me just rambling on about anything and everything. I need a topic and since this is supposedly about health and wellbeing I suppose it should be on that. So here goes.


Helpful huh? I went to the gym on Friday and then to dancing on Friday night, followed by teaching a dance lesson on Saturday and another trip to the gym today. I’m exhausted but I’ve got this amazing energy at the same time – like I’ve got rid of all my stress when I’ve been working out. It’s brilliant.

Studies show that exercise releases endorphins which make you happy, so I guess that must be why I’m feeling so good right now. But I don’t actually care about the technical stuff as I’m sure you don’t either. I just want to know why I should try going to the gym when I could be eating cake and watching TV.

Well, the simple fact is that no matter how much someone tells you how good it is for you, that you need to lose weight or that you need to be healthier, you’re not going to do it unless you have the motivation to do it. But if you find someone to go with – not to chat with in the gym – just someone who you can walk there and back with; it makes it easier. It feels less ‘I have to do this’ and more ‘I want to do this’.

Agree to go once or twice a week and you really start to feel the benefits. You have more energy, more confidence and less need to eat because you have nothing else to do. That’s why I snack – because I get bored. But going to the gym takes up the boredom time and you find you have more structure to the day – to get things done – and then you don’t feel bored at all.

It sounds all ‘self help advert’ but it is working for me. I remember the amount of times I used to think ‘I’m bored’ to myself in a day, and I see how much that has been reduced just because I have something else to do. So I fully recommend going to the gym whenever you start to feel bored, when you’re stressed or when you’ve been working hard on that essay all day. It helps.

So thanks for listening to me ramble – I hope it was helpful. Oh, and I am unaware of how I’m supposed to sign off, especially since my nickname was missed off the list (HINT HINT) so I’ll just do it anyway, but there’ll be no explanation. Even though it’s pretty obvious.

I hope to write to you all again!
Tits McGee.
(P.S Yes. You read it right. Think how that feels when you’re being introduced to people by your nickname.)

— Note from Chopstick: you won’t be able to tell this from the nickname, but Tits McGee has massive tits. I mean, absolutely massive. They’re beautiful…


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