As I type…

24 Feb

I’m writing this as a form of procrastination. I have the document open which I am meant to be working on, my proposal for the Year Three dissertation. I worked on this for around eight hours yesterday, three in the library and another four or so on and off once I’d got home. It even got to the point where I wanted to work on it more, but I was tired and likely to bollocks it up. I quit whilst I was ahead. So here I am, sat in the library waiting for Chopstick to arrive ( And bring munch by the way..) and putting off the proposal that is due this coming Friday.

This is me right now. Rights to:

Another thing, I’m not all that sure what needs to go into the methodology and what have you, we have a lecture of dissertations, but they didn’t really cover the form all that well so I’m going in blind here and pretty much just writing a big plan. We also have to have some secondary sources to write down too, now considering I’ve not read the books I want to write about recently this is doubly heard.

Side note: My iPod’s just died too. Lovely.

Oh here, have this too. Procrastination FTW.


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