We were baffled by the BAFTAs.

11 Feb

Chopstick here!

So, we watched the BAFTAs last night. I think I ate more cake that I intended too, but that’s unsurprising, considering I love cake. What was surprising, however, was the number of awards Argo picked up at the awards. Let’s go through the results and see how many predictions we got right:

Best film: Argo

Ben Affleck genuinely looked like he was going to cry when he got called for this award. We haven’t seen the film, so we’re not really engaged on whether Argo deserved the award or not, but I will say one thing: Any man who comes out of being in Chasing Amy and Daredevil and manages to still get himself a BAFTA probably deserves it.

  • Chopstick: Life of Pi = 0/6
  • Chunks: Les Miserables = 0/6

Outstanding British Film: Skyfall

Mmm… Daniel Craig… *dribble*. We managed to call it on this one, but it’s not surprising, to be honest. James bond is essentially the template for the British gentleman stereotype – what were you expecting?

  • Chopstick: Skyfall = 1/6
  • Chunks: Skyfall = 1/6

Leading Actor: Daniel Day-Lewis (Lincoln)

Alright, fair enough. He did look very good, and he did do an amazing job, but DDL only had to put on some make-up and swan around saying things from history. Jackman had to put on make-up and sing – he should’ve won.

  • Chopstick: Hugh Jackman = 1/6
  • Chunks: Hugh Jackman = 1/6

Leading Actress: Emmanuella Riva (Amour)


  • Chopstick: Helen Mirren = 1/6
  • Chunks: Helen Mirren = 1/6

Supporting Actor: Christoph Waltz (Django Unchained)

Haven’t seen Django, but intend to see Django. Will go and see Django. We were surprised though, because Javier Bardem did such an awesome job. Doh!

  • Chopstick: Javier Bardem = 1/6
  • Chunks: Javier Bardem = 1/6

Supporting Actress: Anne Hathaway (Les Miserables)

Was it because she cut her hair? Was it because she made herself really skinny? I’m not entirely sure why this woman deserved the award, since she did very little in the way of acting – she just stood around, looking scrawny, appeared onscreen for 10 minutes and then buggered off again. Her singing wasn’t the best either. Not the greatest of actresses, but she’s good, I suppose.

  • Chopstick: Sally Fields = 1/6
  • Chunks: Anne Hathaway = 2/6

Overall, it would appear that Chunks has won, but in general, we both did pretty badly. If you intend on doing a sweepstake for next year’s BAFTAs, I recommend personally that you don’t come to us for betting advice. We suck.

Take care. CS. x


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