Long time no speak

9 Feb

We haven’t updated in a while, (well, over a week) so thought I’d let you know why. It comes down to the amount of things we need to get organised at the moment. Not only the amount of work but other little bits and bobs for third year.

As I type I am sat in the library, with work surrounding me and multiple word documents open. I’m prepared to do the work and actually have everything with me this week. But I’m picking instead of focussing on one thing and getting that out of the way I am trying to do bits of each thing. My original plan was to come and get a good chuck of my creative writing portfolio done. What have I done so far you may ask? Took the lid off my pen and moved onto looking at my options form for next year.

It’s not a complicated form, just a case of choosing and numbering 4 modules and 2 back ups, and I know what I want to do, but have just been staring at it for a while. After a good 10 minutes of that I moved onto looking at the Dissertation proposal form.  This form is a lot more daunting I need to have a working title, brief methodology, sources i’ve looked at and the tutor I’m to have a meeting with. I don’t have a clue really what I want to do with that, and the deadline is looming – this one is panicking me the most I think, if I pick the wrong subject I’ve got to pretty much stick with it all year.

Then there’s American Lit where I need to also do another project, think of my own question and texts, not even looked at this one. Dislocations, I need to choose books and apply theories and prepare for an interview about it, plus write an essay. In theory wars I need to make revision notes for a two hour exam at the end of the year.  All in the next few months.

Wish us luck



One Response to “Long time no speak”

  1. sociopathicuttlefish February 9, 2013 at 5:04 pm #

    Good luck!

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