The Origins of Us

30 Jan

‘Macca’. ‘Gazza’. ‘The Hitman’. Just some of the nicknames that pretty much everyone at some point, at least in the UK, have heard. ‘The Hitman’ is the better of the three as it’s not just a shortened version of a surname, there’s a little more thought process to it than that.  When walking down the road I hear some ‘nickname’ shouted out to try and get someone’s attention, but it’s usually such a boring name like ‘Smithy’ which just makes me roll my eyes. I like well thought through nicknames don’t get me wrong. Or at least names with a story behind them. For example, in Highschool I was dubbed Reubs. I was called this because when I mentioned that I had no middle name one of my friends immediately decided that they’d have to remedy this. The Reubs, came because at that time she was reading a book about an Alien called Reuben. Thus, Reubs was born. Which is all well and good, but it does rhyme with pubes and boobs, so having that shouted across the yard can be a bit disconcerting. But see what I mean, it’s not just a shortening of my surname.

With our group of friends, we have nicknames that have some meaning behind them, I may as well share them.  If you’ve read the About page, you’ll know the story behind mine and Chopstick’s. If not, read it. We also have;

Benson: Again, this isn’t strictly a PC nickname. See Benson is gay. And Benson and Hedges are a type of cigarette, a fag if you will….

Kes: A guy from Sheffield who mentioned the film once, and it stuck, okay so that one doesn’t have all that much thought, but it’s still not a bastardisation of his surname.

Glitter: Again, not a PC term, he’s the eldest of the group at about 30, only a few years, but still. However some of his clients saw us calling him this so he has now had a name change to….

Ivy: Because one of his favourite lines is “If I were you’re age everyone would be pregnant”… IVF…charmer isn’t he?

Brows: He has pretty damn distinctive eyebrows. Done.

AWOL: I rather like this one. She never turns up for Uni. Well she does maybe 2 days in 2 weeks if that and no one knows where she is when she isn’t. Therefore Absent without leave.

Edit: I’ve been informed I missed one off my list. So.

Tits McGee: Great pair of knockers. End off.

If anyone else has any rather creative nicknames, I’d love to hear about them. It’s fascinating really.



3 Responses to “The Origins of Us”

  1. Project Southsea January 31, 2013 at 12:36 pm #

    I have never had a nickname but a few of my friends have some interesting ones. I will share a couple with you now:

    – Northern Fury. Self explanatory as he is from The North (and we’re not) and has a bit of a temper.
    – Poochy: Couple of years back his new GF wrote a Facebook status about how much she loves her poochy. We assumed she was talking about him. She was talking about her dog. It still stuck with us though.
    – Beef: Started as ‘corned beef’ as his surname sounds a bit like that word and he is a larger gent. Over the years has been shortened to ‘Beef’. Now even his bosses, parents and fiancee call him it.

    • ChopstickChunks January 31, 2013 at 9:42 pm #

      Haha, they’re pretty good. I especially like Beef. I love it when names stick like that. I find it odd now when i get called my real name by my friends, so it’s likely Chunks will stick. Not all that flattering, but oh well!

    • ChopstickChunks January 31, 2013 at 9:44 pm #

      P.S I hit reply too early. The North/South divide is something i know too well. I get called on it from being from Up North whereas most of my friends are from down south. One of them particularly likes it when i say sellotape.

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