Hashtag Blue Pintglass

24 Jan

I suppose all names have to come from somewhere. And I reckon that the first person called, say, Peter, would have thought his name was pretty stupid. But personally I think things have gone too far.

 The most recent ridiculous name for a child that I can think of is Hashtag. And if Hashtag was an actual name, I’d assume it was a male name, but nope. Hashtag is a baby girl. Naming her that has just paved the way for bullies, with the way that twitter is heading, it’s not going to die out for a few years, so the child will eventually know that she was named after a symbol on a keyboard and used on a mini-blogging website. Good luck with that one is all I can say.

The next name Blue, the spawn of Beyonce and Jay-Z. Blue is a colour, not a name, I mean nouns can be names, there’s Gregory House (You must have heard of him, he’s played Hugh Laurie!) but that’s a Surname, it works. Blue as a forename doesn’t. Plus it also means sad. You don’t want to set that kid up for failure surely.

I’ve also read about people naming their children things that can be translated to mean unwanted just because they wanted a boy, and instead had a girl. The kid would nearly definitely grow up to resent their parents for that one, and in my opinion shouldn’t have been allowed to keep/name the child if that’s the foot they’re starting on.

Like I’ve said popular names change over time, but it seems ridiculous to me what people are named after at the moment, some poor sprog’s going to get lumbered with something like Pintglass ,if they haven’t already that is.



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