23 Jan

You don’t have to watch the news anymore. This dude covers all the important shizzle you need.


Welcome to this weeks top 5 news stories of last week. A lot of weird stuff went  on last week, but let’s start with probably the biggest story of the week.

Lance Armstrong finally confesses

So Lance Armstrong, the famed cyclist finally comes out and confesses to doping, in an ill disguised attempt to control the situation, to Oprah no less. However he made sure to point out the he’s not the only one, and cycling is riddled with doping.

I’m just waiting to see who takes him to court first: the various people he sued for libel when pointing out his drug use, the anti-doping agencies he lied too, or the DA for whatever state where he lied in court for perjury. (Source: EVERYWHERE)

Beijing’s air pollution reaches new levels of dangerous

The air pollution in Beijing reached levels that 25 times worse than what’s considered ‘safe’ in the…

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