Snow snow and more snow

15 Jan

Not much of a post really as we’re both getting back into the swing of things for Uni, but here.

First week back into proper lectures and seminars at University and it’s bally well snowing! I don’t live all that far from the Uni building at all really. well to be honest maybe 10 minutes, but the way I walk there is never gritted. Not only does it involve walking past a river, where I could fall in and… die. There are steps, again usually not gritted which are a death trap and the worst bit is a slight decline. Yes, just a slight decline, but it’s without fail in weather like this as icy as all hell. I can manage the rest of it, but because I tend to either wear Vans or Converse, I have little to no grip, and could go plummeting to my icy death in the Harbor thing, at any moment. Whilst it’s like this it takes me at least 25 minutes to get anywhere close to the main campus.


Look at it. Loook. (From my room’s window btw )

Ridiculous isn’t it?



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