Day 1, and I have a whole new face.

6 Jan

Chopstick here!

Well, not a whole face, exactly, but at the very least, my hair is different. I’ve dyed the entire top of my extremely thick black hair a pinky-ginger colour accidentally – it was supposed to be pink, but I ran out of dye and there wasn’t enough to manage a full head of hair. Not good. Anyway, I have changed my hair colour in a bid to motivate myself on Day 1 of my diet to change my appearance.


Ignore the wonky face – I’m particularly self-conscious about how fat my cheeks are since getting new passport photos…

It seems to have worked fairly well. Today, I’ve consumed approximately 1000 calories, and have just enough left to eat my leftover chilli from yesterday. You’d be surprised where most of your calories go, to be honest. I calculated my tea, and it worked out at approximately 400 calories (I had a small steak and stir fry – I used a tiny drop of oil). Most of my calorie count (CC) has in fact gone on drinks. I went to Costa earlier today and had a medio latte – apparently it’s got three hundred cal. in it! In the future, I will be drinking skinny – I’ll sound all hipster, but that’s the price to pay for being able to use my CC for actual food.

Maybe it’s not food I should really be worrying about. I got some new passport photos taken today, and I compared them to when I got them taken just over a year ago – the size of my face has almost doubled. It’s actually horrific, so this is really important to me! However, I’ve decided that I can’t actually do exercise until I have bought myself some proper running trainers. I recall – in my previous bout of fitness – being in absolute agony because my shins exploded plodding aruond the block at 1mph. However, I’m doing a fair whack of walking at the minute, which is more than I can say I’ve done over Christmas; I essentially sat on my arse from the 10th December right up until a couple of days ago. Horrifying laziness, really.

What’s also awful is the fact that my last semester of university trained me to order takeaway when I’m hungry. Right now, I’m really hungry. My fingers are itching to dial for Chinese, but I refuse to do it; I’ve been so well behaved today! Instead, here’s a little tip for you – I’ve learned today that, if you’re struck by cravings for eating, you should try having a drink and waiting fifteen minutes instead. Chances are you’re actually after a drink because you’re dehydrated (but used to replacing it with food), or you’ll forget in fifteen minutes that you’re hungry. If you’re still hungry afterwards, get a light snack of something that takes effort to make – don’t just go and eat a bunch of biscuits. Make a healthy sandwich; you can’t keep going to make sandwiches without getting fed up of it. That way, you’ll not be nibbling away without noticing, you’ll be constructively eyeing your dietary intake.

Speak soon, CS. x


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