Dissertation deliberation

5 Jan

I’m panicking. I’m not a third year yet, but already I’m getting worried about my dissertation. Which as we haven’t really had a talk about it, I’m am not 100% on what needs to be done. Seems stupid, but there you go. I don’t have a clue on what I am going to do. I have taken a Creative Writing module in order for me to have an opening to do a creative dissertation, which gives me another option. Writing a creative dissertation, at first glance, strikes me as the easier option. But when I’m writing something which needs a plot I find it difficult to think of a decent ending. I have the beginnings and middles sorted out with relative ease, but the endings just eludes me.

Looks like i'll be in the idea bank for a while. Copyright: weheartit.com/elenaandlua

Looks like i’ll be in the idea bank for a while. Copyright: weheartit.com/elenaandlua

And what if I choose to do a more academic topic for my dissertation? Well I just don’t know what I could look at, I like writing about Gender roles and the like, so that’s a possibility, but it’s such a broad topic and I’d like to at least try and come to a decision which is at least somewhat unique.  I know we don’t really have to think about it for a while but I like to get a head start on things, so I don’t waste time when I actually have to write the blasted thing.  Once I’ve finished reading all of the necessary reading for this semester (About 5 books to go) I’m going to have a look for ideas.

Not  a very interesting update really, but it needs to be sorted at some point, and I’m, sure there are others out there who are in the same position as me. I like to have a plan set up as soon as possible to make sure that I don’t get lost nearer the due date. Let me know if you’re in the same boat as me!



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