Dieting for Poor People

4 Jan

Chopstick here!

I’m a student, which immediately tells you that I have very little money. I do work, but it doesn’t contribute much to my income. This brings me up with a problem – dieting is a very expensive business. I live in a shared house, but we don’t share food, which means that I buy food to feed myself. Buying fresh vegetables and fruit every week is therefore going to work out to be very expensive, particularly where expiration dates are concerned.

It’s made worse by the fact that cheap fruits and vegetables seem to go completely disgusting before I’ve even had the opportunity to eat them. The other day, for example, I bought some Morrison’s Value mushrooms for around £0.50. I had other meals organised, so I intended to eat them two days after I’d bought them. I went to open the packet, and all of the mushrooms had gone mouldy, meaning I couldn’t use any of them.


Mouldy mushrooms are utterly minging. Photo credits and Copyright:

Mouldy mushrooms are utterly minging. Photo credits and Copyright:

As a result, I’ve been considering – how do poor people diet? Firstly, of course, is cutting down on eating in general; that’ll save a fair whack of money. Buying smaller portions also seems to make more sense, particularly in consideration of the fact I rarely have the time (or energy, for that matter) to cook proper meals. Sometimes, foods like garlic can be replaced with dried substances – I recently bought garlic powder and that seems to amply fill the role of fresh garlic nicely. Cooking large meals in advance and freezing them also works. I’ll be writing up some light recipes that are suitable for freezing in the future.

For now, however, my essay is once again calling. 750/1500 words.

Speak soon, CS. x


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