First things first

3 Jan

Chunks here!

First off, beware of my awkward sentence structure. I’m sure I have the sentence version of dyslexia.

If you’ve read the “About Us” section of this blog, you’ll know that we each have some specific topics that we want to talk about throughout.  This first post is just a slightly more elaborate re-cap, you know, discussing the why’s and wherefores.

Right so firstly University. To be honest I think there are probably hundreds if not thousands of blogs out there just dedicated to University and how to “survive”. And if truth be told, this part will probably include some of that stuff too, but mostly my version is, hopefully, going to be more like a recount of my thoughts and opinions throughout my last year and a bit more than half of University.  With a bit of luck, this blog may even get a few followers who could even give me (/us) some advice too. As i know one of the big worries for me at the moment is dissertation ideas, outside help would be mega appreciated when I come to think about it properly.

Number two, Item B, Numero Dos, Job hunting, I’ve never had a job in my life, and apparently in order to get a job you need to have had experience, which i obviously lack. So I will be updating semi-regularly about job applications, CV’s, my slight anxiety, and if I, fingers crossed, actually get a darn job.

TRES! The cliché to end all clichés, new year health kick. I’m overweight, i know it, so now I’ve decided to get of my arse and actually do something about it. Mainly trying to find some kind of exercise i can actually be bothered to do and enjoy without going to the gym, and eating more healthily. So any tips or tricks I pick up, I’ll whack on here too.

Five, no, wait, Four. Links into to number two nicely, whilst I’m trying to keep all the actually University worries at bay, i have this little bugger to contend with. AT THE SAME TIME.  Some decisions I make whilst at University will directly affect this too, so i have to get that one under control.

Okay, actually number  Five.  Rants, these are likely to happen when things all get on top of me and i just need to let off some stress. BEWARE.

So, yup, that’s pretty much it really. Wish me luck.



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